Connect with your Trading Partners on the DX2 platform. Setup is easy and enables you to send Documents from anywhere with the mobile-optimised web app.



Empower your digital transactions with the simplicity of Universal Business Language. DX2 uses UBL to send/receive your Documents over HTTP, FTP and more.



View the flow of Documents between organisations and make comments. Suppliers can submit comments on unpaid invoices, and customers can question services provided.



End users can keep track of Documents sent and received. DX2 provides status updates throughout the exchange process, notifying the user if something goes wrong.

DX2 ONE-TO-MANY diagram centred.jpg

One-to-Many Integration with DX2

Usually when you want to send digital information from one organisation to another you would set up a point-to-point integration. DX2 enables you to set up a one-to-many integration and this creates a collaborative service.

Flexible, reliable and purpose-built data exchange platform
for quick setup and easy long-term maintenance


DX2 is a self-service data exchange and EDI platform which gives you the ability to communicate with existing or prospective trading partners; manage data mappings, rules and exchanges all via the website.


Transform your business

DX2 is about transforming your organisation to take advantage of the digital evolution to develop systems of engagement using DX2 services. DX2 Capture and DX2 Approvals facilitate the engagement of staff and suppliers in an extension of your ERP system; moving your organisation from using a system of record to a system of engagement. This creates the digitisation of the procurement process.

DX2 Capture

Digitising physical artefacts. Using OCR technology, DX2 Capture makes it possible for you to convert documents, without your suppliers having to change anything in their process.

DX2 Approvals

DX2 Approval enables you to accurately code and get approval of invoices; reducing reliance on paper-based processes.

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